The RaiderCentral Talk-Show (2013)
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New 2014 Season
April 4th 8pm
RaiderCentral Update Show
Starts Aug 7th
Raider Vloggers
NFL Fans
Weekly Guest May Include:
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This Is Your First Oakland Raiders RaiderNation Fan Voiced Talk/Debate Show
We will Discuss The
latest News/Topics On Our Oakland Raiders Universe
Ep.1 (Pilot)
Ep.2 Raiders New Regime
Woodson & Gruden 2 Oakland?
Superbowl XXVII Sabotage
Matt Flynn Carson Palmer Trade
Training Camp Backlash
2013 Draft Recap
Ep.3 Flynn Worst QB
Ep.4 J. Russel Owed 10 Mill
Ep.5 Chris Kluwe Gay?
Ep.6 Uniform Sabotage NFL
Ep.7 Porter Vs Woodson
Ep.8 Fuck Sapp & HOF
Ep.9 Roster Cuts & Preseason
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Terrelle Pryor Starting Rant