RaiderCentral 2010-

RaiderCentral Was Created By Michael Ray Bower AKA  Mikey Rayder
A Longtime Oakland Raider Fan Ever Since 1988.

In 2010 As A Youtube/Digital Enthusiast. He soon Realized There was a lack of Oakland Raider coverage on mainstream media aswell as a disrespect for the Raidernation fan community.
So i set out to change the mold and try to present the Raiders in a respectafull way  aswell as brings fans and good times together .

So i made a News & Info Channel For The Raiders. It Was A Way For Fans To Get A Central Location On All Oakland Raider Media & News Around The Net. He Soon Took His Love For Comedy And Performance & Made RaiderCentral A Weekly Funny,Highlight Parody News & Talk Show
To Catch The Raidernation Up To Date With Latest News & Stories

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RaiderNation Name: Mikey Rayder
Age: ?
Raider Since: 1988
Fav Raider: Tim Brown
Fav Current: Rod Streater
Fav Moment: Attending Superbowl XXXVIII 2002
Quote: You Cant Spell Oakland Without LA
Tattoo: Raider Logo On Right Upper Back
He Is Also A Hollywood Actor/Celebrity

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ShortFilm: Mikey Rayder